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Caribbean SNOW

My daughter was born in Australia but as soon as she got her passport at 2 months of age we left and by the time she was 4 months of age we had moved to the Caribbean, back to our boat.  Here she is learning to walk on the uneven deck. Her first 7 years were a somewhat unique beginning.  We lived on our boat, and we house-sat for "land friends".  We sailed around the islands for some of it, and we lived the 9-5 life in St.Maarten for some of it.  Here is a photo of her in the car seat in the dinghy.  During our years in St.Maarten I ran a chain of 16 gift shops by day,...

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FREE download - how to wear a sarong

There are so many uses for one simple rectangular piece of pure cotton. Wear your sarong as a scarf, a halter dress, a strapless dress, a long skirt, a mini skirt, a kimono cardi, a shorts suit.   Follow our pinterest board for new ideas and how-to instructions.  Aside from just wearing your sarong, take it on vacation with you and hang it overhead for shade, swaddle the baby, use it as a substitute towel on the beach (they dry fast), use it to keep your hair off your face.... and then you can use it as a decorative table runner when you get back home.   Click HERE for our FREE download of 3 simple ways to tie a sarong.

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Tobago memories found at WWIN Show, Las Vegas....

The cricket was on the radio in the customs office of Tobago when we arrived to clear in at our first Caribbean island.  It was an ice breaker between us exhausted ocean-crossing sailors and the Tobagoan customs officers, as the West Indies cricket team were playing the Australian cricket team... luckily they were winning, so they were happy.  After a total of 55 days at sea, with only 3 stops, we couldn't be happier either.   Scarborough is the capital of Tobago, and it is a crazy busy, chaotic town, FULL of loud reggae music and bright colors.  An enormous contrast to our quiet life of survival at sea.  We stayed long enough to fill up the boat with fresh water...

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Foxy's Bar - Jost van Dyke

Foxy's Beach Bar is famous in the Caribbean... well almost as famous as the man himself. Foxy Callwood, the owner started out as a fisherman, opened a bar in the 1960's as a place to serve drinks to those who just left the church where they had given thanks for the years harvest. Eventually the bar moved up the beach, and became a national icon.  Located on the tiny island of Jost Van Dyke - only a 3.5 square mile DOT in the British Virgin Islands.  There are only 300 inhabitants on the island, but Foxy himself is a character that has been entertaining people with his music and BVI stories for generations.  He has even been knighted by Her...

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