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Ocean Crossing before I was 30 - what could possibly go wrong?

  In my 20's I graduated Fashion School, did really well in Australia Fashion Awards, got a fashion industry job quickly and got valuable industry experience.... but once that education was done, I just wanted to go traveling and see the world.  I wanted to work in the rag trade overseas. I worked hard and saved hard.  I had a job doing computer pattern-making during the day and then went home and did manual pattern-making on my bedroom floor at night for extra dollars.  A round the world ticket for a young person in Australia is not cheap, because being "down under" is a LONG WAY from anywhere I wanted to go. Once I left home I worked in some incredible places and...

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Drawn to the sea.

Sailing as a kid instilled in me a sense of adventure and a love of the sea, but it didn't really teach me how to sail.  Sure I could helm the boat, and I understood how the boat should "feel", but I didn't know any more than that.  I remember steering the boat across the Whitsunday Passage when I was about 12.  The wind was quite strong and the sea was up, but we cruised along nicely, surfing down the waves.  Dad let me helm the whole way.  I remember that feeling of pure exhilaration, and I felt that again many years later on my own boat.  Here is a photo of me helming the boat at 10 years old, with...

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