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VOGUE - what an honor!

I am somewhat excited to announce that British Vogue invited us to appear in their beach pages this summer....  here is what they said "we are looking to showcase amazing beachwear and swimwear brands from around the world that may yet be undiscovered by our readers, and whose collections we feel are the perfect glove fit to their style and budget. I think that your gorgeous kaftans and other beachwear fits this brief and would make a perfect addition to this page during this key season and exciting campaign."   So it is our Starfish Tunic in Coral Pink, our most popular style ever which has been selected to appear in the July edition.  How exciting is that !    

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Starfish love pops up everywhere...

I love how our Starfish Tunic pops up all over the place. Now as you all know, an island is not necessarily a tropical island.  Have you ever been to "Fire Island" in NY..... a tiny sliver of an island only 31 miles long and in some parts only 520 feet wide.  It was devastated by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and actually split in half, so that 31 miles long is actually 2 islands now.   Well in true "island" fashion the people of Fire Island picked themselves up after Hurricane Sandy, cleaned up and even opened back up for business in the summer following that devastating storm.  The lovely little coastal boutique on the island is called "A Summer...

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