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January .... you were a crazy month.

Have you ever sat in a "Caribbean style beach shack" and enjoyed the view while having a little dinner and an ice cold drink? Sun setting in the background.  That's what I was thinking when I designed our new booth for January's Surf Expo.... ok its missing the sand.  Wish you guys could have popped in for a cocktail with us. January was a busy month for me.... early in the month I did a quick trip all the way to Orlando FL USA for Surf Expo.  Now I don't normally come in January, but since September Surf Expo was cancelled due to Hurricane Dorian, I thought I better come over.  Back in August, I had designed a brand new booth, found a builder and got it...

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NEW compostable bags.... BUT you won't believe what I did !!

Well you guys know that I like to try to do the right thing.... all that plastic on our garments makes me feel ill, but with the shipments coming from India, and sitting in our warehouse, and then being shipped to you guys, I feel like I have no choice but to protect our island goodies from damage along the way.... Finally with all this talk about plastics, I did some research and discovered with horror, that the "biodegradable" plastics we have used for years.... is not actually that great either.  Did you realize that "biodegradable" just means that it doesn't necessarily "breakdown" it breaks UP into a gazillion tiny pieces.... yes tiny micro-plastics in our landfills, soils, oceans, and waterways....

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