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Call me old fashioned!!

Call me old fashioned, but I believe in doing business with ethics and integrity.  Has this been lost in today's fast paced competitive business world?   Ok my business is small, very small.... just me designing my island creations, and a few (very few) island girls helping, actually its just 4 girls helping me behind the scenes, and I have 7 sales reps around USA who are always selling the line.  Here I am with Lauren at the end of Miami Swim Week after we have finished breaking down the booth.  We kinda do everything ourselves. I work with my 3rd generation Indian family factory, who are awesome.  They are ethical too.  There is no child labour, underpaid labour, threatened overtime...

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Helping an island charity for Easter

Well you know I like to help island charities and send them some donations, and Easter is always a good excuse for giving. I was recently sent some lovely photos of St.Thomas's "Cat Lady" Dellia, wearing our Starfish Tunic while she was doing her rounds of feeding and checking on the feral animals around St.Thomas.  Meet Dellia Holodenschi.... Dellia relocated to the island of St.Thomas in 1978 from NYC to be the Director of the St.Thomas School of Dance.  Over the years she has served as a Board member of the Humane Society of St.Thomas, where they instigated major policy changes to spay and neuter every animal that was adopted from the shelter, to try to control the population of feral animals...

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Ocean's of Love

Most of the prints that I do, are my own work.  Funnily enough, I think I can't draw.  I am certainly no artist.  I guess that is just my own being "down on myself" thing.  Takes me back to high school art class.... and then all the way through Fashion School.  I never thought I could draw, but somehow I got by.... and actually I got great marks! So now with my own clothing line, I need to come up with NEW art for my prints every year.  Its daunting.... especially when you consider yourself "art challenged". I often find photos of real shells or real ocean objects, put them on a lightbox and paint over them with ink, adding a swirl or...

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The turtles are in trouble !

When I was a little girl, my parents took my sister and I out of school for a few months and took us sailing around the Great Barrier Reef.  One of the most memorable islands we visited was Heron Island which is a natural coral cay, visited annually by great mamma turtles intent on laying their eggs.  The photo below shows this spectacular island which you can walk around in 20 minutes.  Click here for more information on Heron Island. While we were on the island some baby turtles had hatched and were being taken care of by an organization on the island helping these turtles reach adulthood.  Here is a photo below of my sister Cristi (the cute blonde one)...

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First photo shoot in Grenada

When I first started West Indies Wear, we were in Grenada in the Southern Caribbean, on our boat.  We got the samples from the factory in India, and we were scouting around in the dinghy looking for places to take photos. I spotted this colorful Caribbean cottage, and got a "bee in my bonnet" about taking photos of my sarongs on their wash line.  I asked around the local village for permission, and was told "sure..... no problem Mon, but just beware the goat" Goat ????  How cute is the cottage, and there is our old Palm Leaf Sarong, we still have a version of that sarong .... now it is called the Island View Sarong. So Justin took me...

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