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The final piece of the puzzle

Each year I create only ONE collection, and occasionally add a few sneaky items in between.  The whole process basically takes me a whole year. 1.  Choose colors. 2.  Design the new prints.  Here is the beginning of the new Turtle print. 3.  Figure out which prints are going on what fabrics.  Mostly pure cottons of course, but sometimes if the style needs more drape and less of the stiffness of cotton, I might have to put the print onto a viscose. 4.  Send the new fabric designs off to the factory for development. 5.  Design new trims eg. hang tags, labels, care labels, packaging. 5.  Strike-off's and swatches are sent back to me for confirmation.  Sometimes they are GORGEOUS and...

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What am I excited about for 2019?

This week I had an island friend email me to say "I can't wait to see the new things for 2019".... how nice is that ! So I have loaded a video to show a few things that are coming that I LOVE !  One of my favorites is the amazing jute bags which has our TANGO print as a lining.  Click here to watch the video, and see what other little piece of "island adorable" goes with it.   I also show a snippet of the 3 new colors of Starfish Tunics that have just landed back in the warehouse.  YES we are getting ready for your Caribbean WINTER vacations.... so if you can't find cool cotton island clothing in your...

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Magic of the Caribbean

I left the Caribbean nearly 8 years ago now.... WOW hard to believe that has gone so fast.  It is fascinating though that my life is still so intertwined with the islands. One of our (most of us, but not ALL) favorite "brain dead" times is a simple scroll through FB.  I try to limit it as quite honestly I BORED with it.  I do love to see what my friends are doing all over the world, but sadly FB controls so much of what we see nowadays, that the most of what I see is quotes and politics.... yawn... Recently though, something keeps popping up in my feed, which takes my breath away.  The FB page is called Magic of the...

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Instant boat friends !

My little boy could have started school last year, but his birthday being early March, meant that he would be one of the youngest kids in his class all the way through his schooling.  So I decided to hold him back a year so that he will now be one of the oldest kids in his class all the way through his schooling.  What worried me though, was HOW WAS I GOING TO COPE with another year at home with my bored little boy!!  Here he is helping his dad on our land. He had also spent the previous years in a pre-school with his 6 month older cousin, tagging along with everything he did…. so now his cousin was...

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Take care of your skin!

Sorry I have been so quiet lately island friends, truth is I have had a trip to the skin doctor and he has attacked me with some fancy schmancy super expensive cream, which has burnt off skin cancers.  3 off my face, and 1 on my arm.  I am only 46, but I guess its the price I am going to start to pay for a life in the sun.  Here I am about 10 years go on the beach in St.Maarten.  Well covered up! The thing is that after I started West Indies Wear and I had cool cotton clothes to wear to cover myself up... I did always try! .... but then I find photos of myself when we...

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