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Sneak Peek at 2017 - Miami Swim Show

Normally I don't release the new collection until early September at Surf Expo. This year however we were accepted into Miami Swim Show (the worlds biggest Swimwear show), and as that is on next week (JULY !!!!) its been a mad scramble to get everything ready.  Luckily I work with GREAT factories who have proven themselves capable of pulling miracles out of nowhere, and I have had to work late to get everything ready to roll, however there is no time to send all the sample off to my sister Amy for a tropical island photo shoot.  This year we will have to wait until after the summer shows to get our photos taken.  Here is a photo of our...

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Caribbean Gift Shop Memories

For my last 4 years in the Caribbean, I was a General Manager and thus head buyer for a chain of gift shops in St.Maarten called Shipwreck Shops.  I managed 16 stores and 52 employees by day and then went home and continued to run West Indies Wear and design new collections at night. The company was started by a young Dutch couple in the early 70's when St.Maarten was a quiet little island of infinite beauty, and a burgeoning tourist market.   When I worked there the company was owned by a big retail corporation which was off-island, so except for a few visits a year to check up on me, I was fairly much left to make my...

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Hawaii Sugar Plantation LOVE

There is nothing better than preserved island history, and so when we started to ship our collection to Cane Field Clothing on the Kilohana Plantation in Kauai, I just had to find out MORE.  Turns out this gorgeous little boutique is located in the master bedroom of a fully restored 1930's plantation mansion. In the living room is a lounge bar.  In the study is an art gallery.  In the courtyard of the mansion complete with a stunning view of Mt. Waialeale is an award winning restaurant.  This sounds likes a one stop destination doesn't it !  There is also a tasting room for Koloa Rum Distillery, the only Hawaiian-made rum, which is made right there on the island of Kauai.  Then you...

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I'd rather sit out a storm in a house than on the boat

Here in Australia we have had the longest hottest summer since I moved home from the Caribbean and winter just never seemed to arrive. Even May was still quite warm, but now June has arrived with a bang.  All of last week there were flood warnings for the upcoming weekend while during the week the sun shone down. This photo shows the calm before the storm. On our property here in a lush valley we have no town water, we have only tanks to collect and store the water for our household, not unlike a boat actually!  With flood warnings in place I was shimmying around the roof of our cottage cleaning out the gutters to make sure there could...

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FREE download - how to wear a sarong

There are so many uses for one simple rectangular piece of pure cotton. Wear your sarong as a scarf, a halter dress, a strapless dress, a long skirt, a mini skirt, a kimono cardi, a shorts suit.   Follow our pinterest board for new ideas and how-to instructions.  Aside from just wearing your sarong, take it on vacation with you and hang it overhead for shade, swaddle the baby, use it as a substitute towel on the beach (they dry fast), use it to keep your hair off your face.... and then you can use it as a decorative table runner when you get back home.   Click HERE for our FREE download of 3 simple ways to tie a sarong.

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