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What is Surf Expo all about anyway?

9 years ago when I started designing West Indies Wear, we were sailing our little boat around the Caribbean, dropping in to visit various resorts and boutiques on the islands, to see if they wanted to include our collection in their offering.  Here is a photo of my husband entertaining our daughter on the swings at True Blue Bay Resort in Grenada. (how cute are they) while I dropped in to meet Magdalena, the owner. (what a gorgeous resort it is - check it out by clicking on the link!) Soon I realized that a lot of the buyers I was meeting, were traveling to Orlando FL to Surf Expo to see all the new collections, and so I thought...

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Have an IRIE LIFE in 2016

Ok I must have lived a sheltered life, but I seriously had never heard the word IRIE before I landed in the Caribbean, after a long long sail across the Atlantic Ocean (from Cape Town, South Africa - it was 55 days at sea, but who was counting?).  All of sudden everything and everyone was IRIE. According to WIKIPEDIA Irie (I-rie \I ' -ree) is the word in Jamaican Patois that means, "alright". The term can be used to mean 1: powerful and pleasing; 2: excellent, highest; n 3: the state of feeling great. What a great thing to strive for in 2016! One of our favorite stores in the Caribbean is IRIE LIFE in Anguilla.  Well I have a "thing" for color,...

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Christmas on the boat

A boat is a teeny tiny place for a family to live... and there are hiding places, but certainly not a huge walk-in wardrobe in which to hide all of the Christmas gifts away from the eyes of snooping youngsters.  That fact still fascinates me about the childhood Christmas we had on our family 25 footer.... it was the year my sister Cristi got a.... BIKE !!!! Apparently it was only partly assembled and hidden under the floor boards. As if Father Christmas coming wasn't exciting enough for an 8 & 4 year old, we were also allowed to go to bed that night up in the forepeak (mum & dad's bed).  I guess it was so that mum &...

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I always wanted to sail

It was my dad's fault, he bought a little 25 foot sail boat and took us sailing when we were kids.  Despite my mothers common sense, off we would go for 3 months at a time, with us 2 kids, the dog and the budgie.  We would drive for days towing the boat from Sydney up to the Great Barrier Reef and explore the islands for months.  The first time we went we didnt even have a proper chart, just a map with little dolphins printed on it.  Some other real "yachties" took us under their wing, told us we couldn't be out there without a chart and gave us one! This photo shows me (brunette) reading stories to my...

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Foxy's Bar - Jost van Dyke

Foxy's Beach Bar is famous in the Caribbean... well almost as famous as the man himself. Foxy Callwood, the owner started out as a fisherman, opened a bar in the 1960's as a place to serve drinks to those who just left the church where they had given thanks for the years harvest. Eventually the bar moved up the beach, and became a national icon.  Located on the tiny island of Jost Van Dyke - only a 3.5 square mile DOT in the British Virgin Islands.  There are only 300 inhabitants on the island, but Foxy himself is a character that has been entertaining people with his music and BVI stories for generations.  He has even been knighted by Her...

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