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Hurricane Irma....2 years on..

Its creeping up to 2 years since Hurricane Irma roared through my islands, destroying everything in her path.  She left utter devastation in her wake and my tiny islands full of family and friends left in utter chaos.  I felt destroyed, upset and helpless in not being able to help in any way. For 3 days I waited for news from hundreds of friends, and their families, mentally checking them off my list.  They had spent the hurricane hours sheltering inside their bathrooms, under mattresses, in the laundry under their houses, I even heard of one family in their water cisterns with their children.  I just can't even begin to imagine the horror. Foxy's in Jost van Dyke after the...

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Designer job in Egypt

When I was in my early 20's I had graduated fashion college, worked a couple of years in the fashion industry in Australia, and saved up all my money to go travelling.  All I wanted to do was see the world. I remember thinking I wanted to be away from Australia for 5 to 10 years, and I wanted to work abroad, preferably in my chosen career.  The first year I just backpacked around, staying in youth hostels, camping and traveling by bus.  Here I am with all my possessions on my back in Greece. I got tired of living out of a backpack though, and tired of wearing the same old ugly backpacker clothes, so I decided to go...

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The life cycle of a new collection

My collections are in an annual cycle.  JANUARY: In January I start designing next years collection at the same time that this years collection is just arriving in the warehouse. From February to May the design process is ongoing.  At first I am slow and overwhelmed.  I call some of my most honest retailers and speak to them.  What worked?  What didn't work?  What are their customers buying? I love this photo I found on my phone of myself.... I was taking this photo of myself in the mirror to send to someone for their opinion, the conversation was "what do you think of this dress, in this print?  Should I make the shells small or big?"  You get the idea?...

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I made the cover !!!

Earlier this year, my sister took her family on a vacation to Fiji.  When they were on their way back to Australia, both my sister and her husband separately picked up a copy of the Pacific Island Living magazine deciding "Kim will like that".  They didn't know each other had done that, so it was double nice.... I got 2 copies ! Kim did indeed like that, and even more so when I opened it up and saw an article in there by my friend Fiona Harper, and photos of Fiona wearing my designs.  I have actually never met Fiona, but we became friends through a mutual friend.   Fiona is a wordsmith.  What's that you say?  According to her...

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What is a sarong anyway?

When my first baby was born, we were living on our sail boat in the Caribbean.   We had our own beautiful boat, but we still had to make a living for ourselves, and I didn't want to leave my baby and put her in daycare to get a job, so I decided to create a job for myself on the boat. I started making beautiful beaded jewelry using larimar (the gemstone of the Caribbean) and various other aqua and turquoise beads. Next I started importing beautiful brightly colored baskets from Madagascar. Eventually my old friend who had been the Production Manager at Billabong South Africa, when I was Head Designer there, said to me "when are you going to...

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