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End of Season

Summer is drawing to an end, and most of our buyers have already started their buying for next season.  A common source of worry at this time though, is that you still have a LOT of inventory, and the season is coming to an end.   In my buyer training, I was taught to do small trial orders that we would trial in the low season in just 4 of our 16 stores.  If the line did well in those stores, then we would do a BIG re-order just before high season, so that once the busy time started, we were fully stocked and ready to roll with the good stuff. Hopefully that meant that the disasters we trialled were...

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Nautical Jewelry LOVE

Being the social media snoop that I am, I came across this line of beautiful nautical jewelry which I just loved.  I started talking to the designer and we worked out a way that I could include her gorgeous jewelry on our website.  Click here to find it.  I had to know more about this talented lady, so I asked Jen to send me some photos of herself and her workspace to share with you guys "our island family".... what she sent me was just as adorable as her jewelry..... Introduce yourself: I’m Jen from Nautical Wheeler Jewelry and I handcraft nautical and beach inspired jewelry for mermaids and salty souls. Where do you work from? I work from home...

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Buyer Tips

Often in the early years of a new business many of us work at job at the same time, to earn some income while we try to get our new business off the ground.... and West Indies Wear was just like that. I already had 15 years experience with design and manufacturing in the clothing business, so when an opportunity came up to be General Manager for a chain of 16 stores in the Caribbean, I jumped at it.  A chance to move off the boat for a little while and learn something new.    The stores were called Shipwreck Shops, and the previous owners had grown and nurtured the business for 40 years.  They decided to sell so that they...

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Beach Belle Blog

So this morning I woke up to something a little bit exciting.  I noticed we had been tagged in an instagram post of a beautiful girl wearing our SeaStar Kimono, with jeans and a simple white tank top.  For a jeans girl like myself, this is the perfect outfit!  Click here to see the instagram post. Now being the nosey internet snoop that I am, I just had to investigate further, and what I found was a GORGEOUS new beach blog to follow.  This lady has a beautiful beach style, and obviously has good taste!  Here is what she writes about us. Happy August! I saw this wrap scarf while we were in Amelia Island and was immediately drawn to...

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How to tell if something really is pure cotton

These days as awareness of our clothing brand is growing, and our profile in cyber space and on social media is increasing, every now and then we get someone comment that we have sold them something that is NOT PURE COTTON.  Although we do sell a few items that are not pure cotton (2 sarongs out of 24 are polyester chiffon & we have several clothing items in viscose, modal, or cotton blends) we are alway transparent about what we make. The whole PURE COTTON thing  is very important to us, because we are a clothing line that is designed to be worn in the tropical island heat... and once you are living there, or visiting on vacation - there...

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