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Welcome to Our New Season

Summer is sweltering here in Australia, but despite the lack of air-conditioning, that is not what slows me down.  NO, its the 6 weeks of summer vacay that makes me a little crazy.  Yes here in Australia it is called "school holidays" and my kids are home from school for 6 weeks!!!  I move out of my office.  I have this old fashioned writing desk, in my living room.  I bought it last December, cleaned it up, painted it blue and now every "school holidays" my computer is brought down from my lovely peaceful office and plonked on top of this table.  Actually a US summer vacay is longer than 6 weeks isn't it?  Seriously, how do you mom's out...

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How old should my models be?

I am just a little bit excited about how beautiful the photos from our recent photo shoot are.  Now I don't normally like to use 15 year old models, as you guys are not teenagers (only at heart) but I made an exception with the model below.   This is my daughter Maya.... the one who grew up on a boat in the Caribbean until the age of 7.  I let her have the day off school to partake in the photo shoot.  Every time I saw her doing her thing with Alecia the photographer, I was grumbling at her...."Don't smile, everyone will see your braces".  Not that I have a thing about braces, kids these days don't seem to embarrassed...

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Christmas list for island girls

Christmas looms closer and our shopping reaches a level of harried craziness.  Just shop shop shop to check those names off your Christmas list.... done. done. done. This Christmas I was trying to create a LIST for us island girls.... something that you can just forward to your love ones to say - "well I love all of them, or I love no.2 and 3" subtle hints to ensure you get things you like.   AND if you are not sure you will get anything you like, what I normally do is, buy a few things for myself and wrap them up.  The card reads "Dear Kim, thanks so much for everything you do.  Love Kim" and one gift a...

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Turtle View

In a recent email to our "island family" I asked you guys to share some photos from your "golden moments" in the islands.  Well Dee, started sending me the most amazing photos.... that just had me dreaming about getting on a light aircraft to the Bahamas.  How cute is this!  Dee's email said.... We just returned from an escape to paradise, staying in a private, luxury beachfront home on the island of Great Exuma, in The Bahamas. Just a five-minute ride from the Georgetown Airport and we stepped off the patio onto a three-mile stretch of unspoiled, baby powder, white sand beach; and gazed into the crystal clear turquoise waters of one of the most beautiful  beaches we have ever seen. We kayaked, learned to stand up on the...

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The final piece of the puzzle

Each year I create only ONE collection, and occasionally add a few sneaky items in between.  The whole process basically takes me a whole year. 1.  Choose colors. 2.  Design the new prints.  Here is the beginning of the new Turtle print. 3.  Figure out which prints are going on what fabrics.  Mostly pure cottons of course, but sometimes if the style needs more drape and less of the stiffness of cotton, I might have to put the print onto a viscose. 4.  Send the new fabric designs off to the factory for development. 5.  Design new trims eg. hang tags, labels, care labels, packaging. 5.  Strike-off's and swatches are sent back to me for confirmation.  Sometimes they are GORGEOUS and...

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